NerdBurger 182 - Standard Deviations

This week Andy returns to talk bulldozing, mutant piglets, iPhone v Note, Majel Barrett, wet pants, The Onion in Oz, custom kiddy clothes, & disappearing words. Also, Andy reports on this year's Dragon Con and tells us what's wrong with rental cars!

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Owning your own bulldozer comes with it's own set of problems, like looking for reasons to bulldoze things.

China is so polluted, they skipped right past the three-eyed Simpsons fish and went straight to forehead-penis pig.

This is penis. I mean 7! iPhone 7! It's the new iPhone! Stop laughing at me in Cantonese, your country is horribly polluted!

iPhone peni... I mean, 7... is not only even more faster than the new Samsung Note Incendiary Device, it's about to sell even more better than it normally would have.

And Samsung can't get it's junk off... of ships owned by recently-bankrupt Hanjin.

Phoneme analysis can (will? SHOULD!) bring Majel Barrett's voice back as "Computer" in future Star Trek properties.

Houston Man: laughed with, not at. Unlike Florida Man.

The Onion ruins The Wizard of Oz.

Now kids can have their refrigerator art printed on fabric and made into clothes. No more scotch-taping to your stainless steel fridge!

Sling yourself some of that old-timey slang before it's gone!

The answer was: Presumed Innocent. Is it a good movie? I don't know, I never watched it because of this sketch.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Embrio Sieve
  • Dangling News Bits
  • Jacked Up, Down, On and...
  • The Adventures of Nipple Butt and Lactating Rump