NerdBurger 201 - Some Kind of an Episode

This week Michael returns to talk Emoji Movie, celebrity death database, stolen car surfing, & kangaroo punching. Also, Craig reads what turns out to be a very sad letter, and Michael brings us Star Trek Voyager tropes all the way from the Delta Quadrant!

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Patrick Stewart has a potty mouth.

Happy birthday, Betty White! You're the new Abe Vigoda. Yes, this website looks like it was created when Betty was created during the last season of Golden Girls, but the "By Cause of Death" page would have kept Sophia laughing for days.

Don't mess with this guy's dad's Renault Clio.

Got Roo Face?

UGH... good luck, Falcons.

"Star Trek" Axanar creator settles lawsuit, agrees to make production as crappy as all the other fanfiction.

All the "some kind of"s, and the remix.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hole-Pluggin' Craig
  • Me Herman, You Jane
  • Roo Face
  • A Sports Joke
  • Satisfying Warp Core Ejection