NerdBurger 202 - Let's Try That Again

This week Curt returns to talk 'sploding phones, machine morality, stinky VR porn, Echo accidents, animal robots, Skittle-feed, McNuggets at gunpoint, and Tinder beets. Also, Curt challenges Mike and Craig with a game of "Middle Ocean or Middle Earth?"!

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Yes, it was the batteries. And Verizon doesn't want you to burn to death. And by "Verizon" we mean their attorneys.

Maybe these self-driving cars should do like the Note 7 and just explode when comfronted with moraly ambiguous choices.

If you were looking forward to virtual reality porn, they've already figured out how to ruin it.

"Alexa, bring me free hookers and blow" should be the thing it does on accident, but alas.

New BBC nature series (wait, what's UK lingo for "series"...?) features life-like animal robots that are probably causing permanent psychological damage, as well as teaching the monkeys to use serrated tools. This will not end well.

Eat mor Skitils.

Behold the power of McNuggets. Must the actual chikin they're alledgedly using.

Nobody ever put their meth in a sock on Breaking Bad, so I don't know why those cops didn't assume it was just kitty litter in the first place...

Got beets?

Do the Vinegar Stroke!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Smell Porn Troll
  • Christmas McGibblets
  • Thorsmork and Thorsmindy