NerdBurger 208 - The Best Flavor of Star Wars

This week Larry returns to celebrate our four year anniversary with tasty gifts and talk of Starburst, Subway, Oreos, Big Bang, space & rock news, Office Wars, and Netflix. Also, we read your One Question contest entries and heap praise upon the winner!

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Special thanks to Larry for the awesome potted fruit that you can hear us eat on air, FoodBlog-style. And thanks to everyone for asking questions, even those of you who broke the rules. Speaking of Six Question Kevin, you can listen to him and his cohost Andy on their Chicago radio show / podcast Two Guys, One Joke, and maybe send him multiple questions for no reason. If that's too much trouble, you can send him Cool Ranch Doritos instead.

Pink Starburst, this is not.

Pink Starburst, this is not.

Get your all pink Starburst here!

Subway's chicken isn't all it's "cracked" up to be... our apologies to eggs.

Peeps Oreos turn your poop pink.

The two funniest females on Big Bang Theory aren't getting paid enough, relatively speaking.

Lawyer, lawyer, pants on fire!

Mmm.... Chinese rover donuts.

Rock news, literally.

Michael Scott, X-Wing pilot.

"Choose your own adventure" everything is about to become a thing.

Awesome, Larry is.

Awesome, Larry is.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Four Year Anniversary Episode
  • Now with Extra Chuckle
  • Peep and Poop
  • What She Said, That Is
  • Winner, Winner, <Name Redacted for the Element of Surprise>