NerdBurger 209 - Million Dollar Idea

This week Jim returns to talk The Matrix: Rebooted, leaves momentarily while Craig & Mike discuss low-status chimps, and returns again to discuss Boaty McBoatface, Alexa Seary, and Sarah O'Connor. Plus, the trio SPOIL EVERYTHING about the movie Arrival!

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The Matrix: Re-booted?!? Oh jeez.

Experiments reveal that low-status chimps can better influence the behavior of their alpha counterparts. This explains much of Project X.

Scientists can be surprisingly slow-witted at times. Everybody knows you don't let random Internet-dwellers vote for the name of your new whatever.

But what if you yourself are already named something that becomes a pop-culture or brand identity? Alexa Seary and Sarah O'Connor feel your pain.

This guy thinks all you dudes should get Botox in your sack, because he's a doctor and that should be reason enough.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Everybody Loves a Good Kaiser Joke
  • My Nutsack is Wrinkly
  • Male Scientific Advantage