NerdBurger 237 - AndoBurger

This week Craig & Mike return to say nice things about, and do the bidding of, Supreme Podcast Master Ando as he takes control to launch the Kickstarter for AndoCon 2018! Also: Patent law opera, celebrity fun, a Kevin Question, and Ando gets shirt-hurt!

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The AndoCon 2018 Kickstarter is now LIVE!!!

Click here to check it out and get your badges, hotel rooms, sponsor benefits, dice bags, and more!

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Ermagerd, ErnderBerger!

Ermagerd, ErnderBerger!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Airdnd
  • Backer Level: Ando's Roommate
  • Pepperoni Garnish
  • Gerard Depardon't
  • If You'd Like to Sponsor the AndoCon...
  • Kevincidence
  • Hook and Loop Awareness