NerdBurger 238 - Knit One, Purl Two, Pilgrim

This week Matthew returns to talk AIM, Monopoly Gal, crazy in Wyoming, Bradys, Swiss Colony Beef Log, pumpkin spice, Weenstain, and Star Wars dentist! Plus: Craig announces the dates for the CAPERS Kickstarter, and Matthew tackles a football controversy!

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Mark your calendars, kids!

The CAPERS Kickstarter is coming...

March 6, 2018!

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Rich Uncle Pennybags goes to Washington.

There's an awful lot of wacky in Wyoming lately.

Do you remember when the Bradys went to Hawaiian traffic court with Ted Kennedy and Vincent Price put a cursed protractor in Mike's briefcase? Good times.

Pumpkin spice is bad, but Baltimore schools are worse.

30 Rock predicted Bill Cosby and Harvey Weenstain. Is Mickey Rourke next?

Arkansas' only dentist (to use PIPS, we kid, we kid) takes Luke's place in this Star Wars root canal promo.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The John Wayne of Knitting
  • Christmas in October
  • Excuse Me, Mississbacon?