NerdBurger 239 - No Octopi

This week Derek Kamal joins the show to discuss his new game Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse currently on Kickstarter, and to talk sex robots, overwork, perception, and fun with maps. Also: ET versus Goonies, and the guys answer a couple of Kevin Questions!

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Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse is on Kickstarter now!!!

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Getting close to stretch goal #1!

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The icky Bunny Ranch guy wants to test sex robot prostitutes. All together now: "EEEEEWWW!"

It turns out that working four 80 hour weeks in a row will kill you, so don't do that.

Human perception is faulty when it comes to comically large purple objects, or something.


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Let's Do This
  • Hug Add-on
  • Thinking of Crabs
  • NerdCrapper
  • 'SplainBurger