NerdBurger 249 - Bags and Pipes

This week Curt returns to talk Festivus, Curling, Christmas Legos, moose meat surprise, the Patreon debacle, UFOs, and MoonPie! Also: Curt plays part of a bagpipe, Craig explains why Zach Morris is trash, and Mike reads another Kevin Question!

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A Lego Christmas Story... house.

If you like Argyle socks, you should check out their rotting moose parts!

Patre-oops, we crapped the bed.

Blink 182 and you'll miss the UFOs being studied by everyone from musicians, to the government, to that inspaceable hate flotel guy.

In Soviet Russia, Moonpie owns YOU!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • A Piper is Down
  • Antlers and Dong
  • Posthumous Regifting
  • That's What She Shed